Why Choose MetComm:

  • We Offer You: ‘Peace of Mind’!
  • Quality and Integrity you can Trust!
  • Single Party Handling ALL IT Issues!
  • 18 years of service to a growing business and school community.
  • Core and other technology services are available at a fixed Monthly Reoccurring Payment (MRP)
  • Enable client’s success with a well thought out and well executed plan.
  • Responsive, Proficient & Socially Responsible.
  • Pioneering, highly technical, reliable, efficient and ethical organization – just like yours!

MetComm Milestones:

  • 1999 – First Servers provided as a Service paid for monthly.
  • 2002 – First “everything” clients paying monthly for their information technology infrastructure.
  • 2004 – Transitioned from ISP only to providing all Information Technology services – Utility Style.
  • 2005 – Voice over IP (VoIP) added to services basket.
  • 2006 – Managed Services & Guaranteed to Work Systems standardized.
  • 2009 – Virtualization of Data Centers Standardized.
  • 2011 – MetCility – Where Information Technology becomes an Unmetered Utility; Use it as much as you need, pay the same amount every month.
  • 2015 – Managed Internal Broadband; meeting school’s needs for a managed service under E-rate.

Who is Behind IT

A Word from our Founder and CEO, Solly Avi No’am

Old world values for new age solutions!

♦ In my teens: Lifetime warranties on fixed apparatuses.

♦ In my twenties: 100% system uptime.

♦ In my thirties: Managers took my work for granted.

♦ In my forties: Clients knew I’d never fail them.

♦ In my fifties: Life experience devoted to creating a World-Class Service Concept based on Old-World Values.

♦♦ In my sixties – MetCility!

And I have the best team of engineers, technicians and admin staff helping me!

Solly Avi-Noa'm Founder and CEO.
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