Need service for your Interactive Panels and White Boards?

We: Install; Maintain; Calibrate; Move ALL brands of interactive boards and panels. Oh, and we are a recognized regional dealer of the leading Promethean line of products – having earned our reputation as a top-notch Promethean Silver Partner.

Our White-Glove Service is second to none, be it Promethean, Smart or whatever: we service all!

Our policies mandate extending the life of boards and panels, regardless of maker, for as long as possible.

MetComm White Glove Service is exactly for you!

Here’s a partial list of services that may be included in MetComm’s White Glove Service:

  • Remote/onsite alleviation of problems preventing efficient use of a board/panel.
  • Replace lamps, and filters where applicable. *Materials not covered.*
  • Handle board/panel issues with PC / Mac Mini, same day or NBD.
  • Provide all onsite labor & logistics excluded by the warranty.
  • Supervise installation of parts, boards or panels returned under warranty repair.
  • Basic training of faculty new to board/panel use.
  • And much more..


White Glove service


Accepting a large delivery of over 45 Panels! Being prepared for deployment and installation in one of our school networks.


Unpacking the boxes in the Classrooms, preparing installation tools before installation.


Measuring and marking the length and width of the board’s area.


Installing, Calibrating, Testing connection and functionality.


Professional Development

Personalized Training and a wide range of consultation services to help educators effectively implement the interactive learning environments.


Moving Promethean ActivPanels from site to site.

Yonkers, NY
Yonkers, NY
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