Are your Interactive Panels properly serviced?

  • Have you read the manufacturer’s warranty?
  • Are you aware of the logistics – you are required to provide under the terms of the warranty?
  • Where you having difficulties finding a service provider for panels you own?
  • When a panel is taken out of circulation for repair, does your service provider replace it until it is repaired?
  • When a panel does not work, who takes care of the problem?
  • Who is going to help you with your panels when they are out of warranty?
  • Do you think that White Glove Service for interactive panels is expensive, think again?

Want answers to those questions and more: contact us.

Everything is covered!

  • The elements of White Glove Service: If we cannot fix a problem in 5 business days, we will replace the panel.
  • Under warranty, we will handle the logistics vis-à-vis the manufacturer.
  • Not under warranty: We will find the parts and replace them.
  • We support panel issues with Windows, Mac, and Chrome computers.
  • Service provided in 4 hours or next business day. Basic training provided for panel use.


White Glove service


Accepting a 45 Panels delivery for one of our school networks.


Unpacking the boxes in the Classrooms, preparing installation tools before installation.


Measuring and marking panel position before installation.


Measuring and marking panel position before installation.

Professional Development

Training and consultation, helping educators effectively implement the interactive learning environments.


Moving Promethean ActivPanels from site to site.

Yonkers, NY
Yonkers, NY

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