Want the latest phone Features without replacing your legacy phone system?
Keep using your working legacy system and enhance it with VoIP features for a reasonable monthly fee per extension.*
You won't have to adjust to a new system while getting:
Support for your legacy system (until it can no longer be maintained).
• Existing legacy system operational costs, covered by MetComm.Net.
Free system enhancement with VoIP features, including user training.
Free, unlimited domestic calling.
• Add VoIP extensions to your legacy system for the same monthly fee per line.
When your legacy system can't be fixed, MetComm.Net will switch you to 100% VoIP
in a few days.**
It's so easy, you'll wonder why you waited.
Contact us today at 646-845-0061 and begin your smart transition to VoIP.
* Must have at least 20 covered phone extensions.
** New VoIP wiring for only $5 per extension, including labor, materials, maintenance and repair

MetComm PBX Features:

*Auto-dialer: send a pre-recorded message to multiple devices.
*Call forwarding.
*Call recording: pre-determined rules or during the call.
*Conference call “rooms”.
*Private conferencing.
It’s easy to manage, flexible, portable and secure.
Plus keep your connection %100 up and never lose a call:
If the Internet or Electricity goes down:
The numbers will "follow you" to where you define it!
Voice quality problems?

Voice quality problems?

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