Service Level & Deliverable Statement – “IT Shield” for Schools:


MetComm will manage school support issues through a ticketing system.
1. For security, we propose that one person will be set to open tickets for the organization however, if the school prefers that users open their own tickets, we recommend that the tickets are copied to a nominee who will sign-off on the request.
2. A member of MetComm will oversee the flow of incoming tickets and make sure they are signed-off and resolved in a timely manner.
3. Support tickets can be opened by an e-mail to
4. New tickets will trigger an automated response with a ticket number.
5. Within 4 hours, the school will either have the problem resolved remotely or will be notified of how MetComm is handling the request and approximate ETA.
6. 24/7 monitoring and intervention.
7. Level 1: Our field team provides the support and handles the deliverable listed herein.
8. Level 2: Two senior Microsoft, VMWare and Networking engineers.
9. Level 3: Our CTO and associated level 3 engineers for VoIP and Microsoft.


Provisioning & Management of Internet Access uplinks:
1. Symmetrical & Dedicated (20 Mbps to 10 Gbps), with SLA:
a. Fiber/Copper.
b. Wireless Fiber.
2. Symmetrical & Shared FIOS (75 Mbps to 1 Gbps), no SLA.
3. Asymmetrical & Shared Cable modem (50 Mbps to 300 Mbps), no SLA.
5. Manage existing internet uplinks.
6. Firewall & Standby-Firewall:
7. For dual uplink systems: Automated/Remote switching of uplinks.

Managed Telecommunications, Voice & VoIP:

8. Voice Switches:
a. Onsite/Cloud Managed Voice over IP (VoIP) Switch.
b. Analog/VoIP (Hybrid) Voice Switch.
9. VoIP User Devices.
10. Analog Voice service: Over Copper, FIOS and Cable Modem.
11. Inside wiring service and repair.
12. Voicemail & Fax to e-mail.
13. Wireless Extensions.
14. Calling Plan: Unlimited In the Lower 48 states.
15. Concurrent calling: As needed, inbound and outbound.

Managed Infrastructure:

16. Create & Maintain Documentation.
17. Data closets & IDFs.
18. Wired Network.
19. Air Magnet Assisted - WiFi Planning & Management.
20. Wireless Network.
21. Access Security.
22. Virtualized Server Platforms.
23. VPNs & Remote Desktop.
24. Signage.
25. Onsite recovery backup for cloud based user environments.
26. Ethernet and Fiber Wiring.
27. Extended Ethernet - Using phone & coax wiring.

Managed User Devices Environment:

28. Desktops; Laptops;Tablets; Chromebooks; Printers; SmartPhones.
29. Integration of user devices into the network.
30. User device related services:
a. Anti-virus Management & Intervention.
b. Web/BYOD Filtering Management & Intervention.
c. Remote help desk for school IT staff.
d. Online testing support.

Managed User-Data Environment:

31. User Access Management:
a. Onsite/Cloud Microsoft Domain Controller & Active Directory.
b. File / Print services.
c. User file shares.
d. Cloud File Shares.
e. User file recovery.
32. Replication of data environment for disaster recovery.

Provided at school’s request:

33. Management of Internet Domains.
34. Management of Google for Education environment.
35. Management of Office 365 for Education environment.
36. Management of E-mail domain, e-mail accounts and support for all users.
37. Teleconferencing bridge.
38. Training:
a. Google for Education.
b. Office 365.

Provided at Additional Cost:

39. Onsite recovery backup for cloud based user environments.
40. International calling.
41. Robotic calling.
42. Web hosting environment with backup.
43. Web presence.
44. Ethernet & Extended Ethernet - Using phone & coax wiring.
45. Wireless Public Address (wPA) systems.
46. Digital Premise Security Systems.
47. Anti-virus, Web & BYOD Licensing.
48. Vendor Specific Support Contracts.
49. Vendor Specific Training.
50. Interactive whiteboards & panels White Glove Service:
a. Provisioning.
b. Warranty - Manufacturers Standard & Extended.
c. Warranty - Post Manufacturers Warranty.
d. Service - Standard & “White-Glove”.
e. Training.

A. “Managed” Services include some or all of the services listed below
a. Planning, Deployment, Offsite/Onsite - Maintenance, Support & Intervention.
b. Replacement, if the hardware was provided as a service.
B. Some of the services are funded by E-rate.
C. User devices must meet the minimum standard required for managed service.
D. We service existing systems. Maintenance & support are covered by the retainer fee.
E. We bundle deployment of systems in a service. Maintenance, support, replacement and upgrades are covered by the retainer fee.
F. MetComm is registered with the BBB and D&B.

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