MetComm’s Standard Deliverables for Schools:

Managed Internet Access:

1. Symmetrical & Dedicated Fiber/Copper - 20 Mbps to 10 Gbps.
2. FIOS.
3. Cable modem.
5. Firewall & Standby-Firewall with remote switching between uplinks and firewalls.
6. Wireless internet access.

Managed User Devices:

1. Desktops; Laptops;Tablets; Chromebooks; Printers; Interactive Panels.
2. Integration of user devices into the network.
3. Anti-virus.
4. Web-filtering including BYOD filtering.
5. Remote support for school appointed IT coordinator.
6. PC labs and online testing.
Note: User devices must meet minimum standards required for managed service.

Managed Infrastructure:

7. Wired network environment including, wiring and switches.
8. Wireless network environment including, wiring and switches.
9. Data closet environment.
10. Documentation.
11. As needed service.

Managed User-Data Environment:

12. Onsite Microsoft Domain Controller and Active Directory for user access management.
13. Cloud Microsoft Domain Controller and Active Directory for user access management.
14. File / Print services.
15. User file shares.
16. User file recovery.
17. Replication of data environment for disaster recovery.

Managed Telecommunications & voice:

18. Hosted, Hybrid, or Cloud-Managed Voice over IP (VoIP).
19. Voicemail & Fax to e-mail.
20. Voice switch and user device environment.
21. Concurrent calling: As needed, inbound and outbound.
22. Unlimited Calling Plan: In the Lower 48 states.
23. Analog Voice: Over Copper, FIOS and Cable Modem.
24. Inside wiring service and repair.
25. Custom calling options.

Managed, by-request services:

26. Internet domains.
27. Google for education environment.
28. Office 365 for education environment.
29. E-mail domain, e-mail accounts and support for all users.
30. Web hosting environment.
31. Teleconferencing bridge.
32. Training:

a. Google for Education.

b. Office 365.

Managed, Optional/Additional Services:
1. Onsite recovery backup for cloud based user environments.
2. International calling.
3. Robotic calling.
4. Ethernet & Extended Ethernet - Using phone & coax wiring.
5. Public Address (PA) systems.
6. Digital Security Systems.
7. Interactive whiteboards & panels:

a. Supply.

b. Warranty, Extended Warranty, “White-Glove” Service.

Notes: “Managed” Services include: Deployment, Offsite/Onsite - Maintenance, Support and Intervention.
The list includes services funded by E-Rate.
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