MetComm Ransomware Immunity

Many organizations coming into our care have their most critical data scattered across numerous user devices; desktops, laptops and other mobile user devices, potentially exposing the organization to debilitating data losses.

Users who back up data stored on their PCs on USB drives are usually are not aware that those USB devices are produced for the convenience of moving data around, and not as a true and safe data-backup solution. (Why USB thumb drives should not be used for backup is a topic that will be discussed separately.)

In taking on a new client’s IT, MetComm will begin by:
1. Moving organizational data from workstations to shares on a central server, decreasing the chance of losing data to user error.
2. Activating user file recovery: If a request is put in shortly after a loss of data is discovered, MetComm personnel are able to recover deleted files and folders to their latest revisions quickly.
3. Setting up offsite data replication for disaster recovery. Resorting to disaster recovery mode is reserved exclusively for dealing with catastrophic loss of data resulting from, say, a fire. Files restored in this way may be up to 24 hours old.
Organizations that store their data assets on the cloud with Microsoft or Google are agreeing to terms they may not always understand, and may be consenting to an arrangement that could be detrimental to their business.
At MetComm, responsibility is expressed in “unambiguous” terms. Once we have made sure data is secure from loss by deletion and Ransomware, we proceed to secure it from theft and other abuse by:

4. Securing the network from outside threats.
5. Securing the network from inside threats.
6. Setting up data-access rules that meet the organization’s policies.
7. Securing the physical perimeter.
8. Setting up stand-by access to the organization’s network to allow us to circumvent the active firewall when we cannot connect to the system.

At MetComm, securing your data is not optional. Every client can be assured of our commitment to the safety of their data. Our policy does not allow for this commitment to be removed under any circumstances.
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