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We specialize in schools and libraries, including head starts, parochial, charter and private – and we have done work for the NYC DOEd as well. We provide both E-Rate funded and non-E-Rate funded services to our schools.


We simplify E-Rate for you! We provide an exceptional "Umbrella of E-Rate-eligible IT Services".
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Learn with Promethean

As a Promethean Silver Partner, we offer you better pricing on all things Promethean, including Installation & Maintenance.

PA System

In an emergency, a drill or other school-wide event reach all students & faculty at the school from your desk, home or cellular phone!

Speech Intelligibility

A Full-Range Audio Distribution System, ensuring that every student hears you clearly! Plus capture, record and share video!

White Glove

Need service for your Interactive Panels and White Boards? Our White-Glove Includes: Promethean, Smart: we service all!

Are You Successfully Maximizing E-Rate?

E-Rate Requires too much work?

The E-Rate program is a year-round effort; let us guide you through the E-Rate process! Invite us for a site survey at your School/District to document every aspect of the school’s IT needs. Schools have trusted us with maximizing their E-Rate funding since E-Rate was founded in 1997.

MetComm provides ALL E-Rate eligible services, including:

Category One: Data Transmission Services and Internet Access, Voice Services.
Category Two: Internal Connections, Managed Internal Broadband Services, Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections.

Schools know us!

For our exceptional "MetCility" program, which offers LAN, WAN, Telco, Voice Support, WIFI Solutions, High Capacity Broadband and Maintenance - at a Flat, Equitable Monthly Fee.

E-Rate updates

  • The E-Rate FY2019 application filing window closed on March 27, 2019
  • USAC Tip: take the time now to organize and file all documents related to your application in a manner that will allow you to easily locate and retrieve them for any future needs.

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Schools have trusted us with solutions under E-Rate since E-Rate was founded, and we proudly offer you our experience, proficiency, and integrity.

Learn with Promethean Interactive Technology

Promethean ActivPanel - NEW

ActivPanel® Titanium™ 70” 4K, 75” 4K, 86” 4K

The Purpose-Built, Powerful, Yet Easy-to-Use Classroom Solution. Click here to learn more.

Promethean Software

Promethean’s Lesson Delivery Software Portfolio Offers Choice of Activinspire Or Classflow.

ClassFlow is next-generation lesson delivery software with advanced collaboration tools for student engagement.
ActivInspire helps teachers bring lessons to life with rich, powerful activities that grab students’ attention, blending real-time assessment and real-world experience into the learning process.

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MetComm as a Promethean Partner offers:

  • Promethean Products
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Support
  • Move Equipment between Floors
  • Projector Maintenance
  • Disposal

Promethean's STEM guide

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Wireless PA System -
A Strong Voice for Student Safety

How do you announce an emergency, a drill or other school-wide event?

MetComm’s Wireless PA system, meeting NFPA 101® Life Safety Code®, is all you need if you wish to reach all students & faculty at the school from your desk, home or cellular phone. 

You will soon come to appreciate the flexibility it provides in moving to a new building, adding or moving speakers at will. MetComm.Net has been designing, implementing, servicing, supporting and warranting Wireless PA’s since 2010.

Have an old, non-functioning PA system? Replace it or expand it without running wires!


  • Voice paging and instant messaging throughout the school area, regardless of size.
  • Emergency notifications are sent quickly and easily from a main console or over the phone.
  • Automated weather alert messaging and emergency panic button stations.
  • Innovative scheduled bell alerts.
  • Relocation and cost-effective wireless installation

Want to know how you can keep everyone at your school safe?


Can your students hear you? - Speech Intelligibility for Deeper Insight to Learning

The Problem

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association advises that classroom noise negatively affects students’ attention, concentration, behavior and even their reading & spelling achievements, impeding academic success.

The Solution

By equipping your classrooms with a Full-Range Audio Distribution System, ensuring that every student clearly hears the evenly distributed, highly intelligible sound of speech, you ensure the academic success of your students.

The System

In its simplest form the system comprises a pendant-style microphone and a whole room speaker system, improving speech lucidity. You can add the ability to divide a class to study groups at will (4-12) with “Group Audio Pods” managed by pendant mics and the “Activate” mobile app. Students can now share their ideas clearly, hear & understand instructions, hence be more engaged and successful. Teachers can listen in or converse with individual groups, gaining insights into student progress.

The Extra

You can also capture, record and share video synced with high quality audio of the teachers’ mics and group audio pods as evidence of learning, teacher coaching or sharing instructional techniques.

Need service for your Interactive Panels and White Boards?

MetComm White Glove Service is exactly for you!

It’s easier to find a company that sells Interactive Panels and White Boards than find one that will: Install; Maintain; Calibrate; or simply Move them between classrooms.
A company that is also reputable, reliable, professional and experienced. Oh, and we are a recognized regional dealer of the leading Promethean line of products. Lastly, we have earned our reputation as a top-notch Promethean Silver Partner.

Our White-Glove service is second to none, be it Promethean, Smart or whatever: we service all!

Our policies mandate extending the life of boards regardless of maker, for as long as possible.

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