<h4><b>Promethean's STEM guide</h4></b>

Promethean's STEM guide

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<h4><b>ActivPanel V6</h4></b>

ActivPanel V6

- Innovative InGlass™ technology
- Tablet-like experience
- Interactive multimedia lessons
- ClassFlow and ActivInspire
- Compatible with Google™ G Suite Watch this video to learn more
<h4><b>Promethean Software</h4></b>

Promethean Software

The next-generation lesson delivery software, designed exclusively for Promethean Interactive Displays.
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<h4><b>ActivPanel i-Series</h4></b>

ActivPanel i-Series

Promethean's ActivPanel i-Series is an essential interactive flat panel for customers looking to replace their projector-based systems with a long-term, reliable solution.
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<h4><b>Promethean ActivWall</h4></b>

Promethean ActivWall

- Captivating viewing features
- Best-in-class picture performance
- Full HD resolution
- Auto-calibration
- No lamp replacement required
- Precise Multi-touch interactivity
- Simultaneously Mirror Multiple Devices On-Screen
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