Home bound staff members across organizations of all stripes and size use their private phones for work and want to keep their numbers private, our

$85 / Month

Remote Setup | Cloud-based

Available Nationwide

As working from home goes mainstream and the coronavirus forces millions to telecommute – people want to retain privacy while making work related phone calls.

And They Can!

Using PriVeil by MetComm.Net, homebound staff members in clinics, schools and other organizations, will be able to use private home & cellular phones without giving away private numbers. Recipient’s of the calls will see the organization’s number & name.

PriVeil Basic - Features included:

  • Call anyone from cellular and land phones.
  • 10,000 calling minutes in lower 48 states *
  • * Note: Calls exceeding 10,000, will be billed at 1 Cent/minute.
  • * Note: Calls outside of the lower 48 states will be billed at carrier’s rate.
  • Number of callers: Unlimited.
  • A private phone can still be used as before.
  • Service & Support.

PriVeil - Premium Options:

  • Direct Incoming Calls to any phone:
    Private callback number & forwarding to teacher’s phone(s).
  • Direct incoming & outgoing calls to cellular and PC:
    Directly receive/make calls using a cellular or PC, while camouflaging the numbers with the organization’s number.
  • Intercepts calls from parents, takes messages or connects.
  • Private voice mailbox:
    Dedicated to one user.
  • Voicemail to E-mail:
    Voicemail messages are sent via e-mail to the recipient’ inbox.
  • Call recording:
    Record phone calls with parents for training purposes.
  • Management Call Detail Report (CDR):
    Know who called, when, for how long, and who was called.
  • 24/7 Operator
  • Schools

Faculty and staff must make calls to students or parents while maintaining their anonymity

  • Businesses

Your employees work from home and you need them to make professional calls as if they are in the office

  • hotels

Hotel staff can make calls that appear as coming from the hotel.

  • Churches, synagogues, mosques

Conduct online religious ed classes and your teachers can contact students “anonymously” with a church number.

  • Individuals

Work from home and use your private phone without disclosing your private number.

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