Frequently Asked Questions About MetCility


What is MetCility?

MetCility is Flexible yet Comprehensive Insurance Policy Protection over all your Information Technology. MetComm will keep your secured data safe & private and keep your IT infrastructure humming. MetCility revolutionizes how technology is deployed and managed at your organization.

Who are your clients?

Small businesses, schools, and not-for-profit organizations with up to 300 users.

How can MetComm’s services benefit me?

Predictable costs, savings and cost stability. Access to data anywhere/anytime. Comprehensive Data Security & Privacy. IT Investment Security & Sustainability. Peace of mind to focus on your business. Uncompromising professional standards.

Do we have to make a long term commitment?

No, service contracts have a 6-month initial term and then are month to month.

What services are you proficient in providing?

We provide comprehensive “A to Z” IT services – Our Solutions Matrix covers the entire list.

What can I expect to happen when you start providing service?

We begin by addressing and documenting the existing IT infrastructure, making sure your systems continue working as well or better, before we introduce any changes.

What is your hourly rate?

Under a MetCility we bill an affordable flat monthly fee – covering the ongoing and preventive maintenance for your entire IT infrastructure – and, there are NO hourly fees added at the back end! In those rare cases where hourly billing is the only way, the fee will vary based on the expertise involved.

Can you offer flexible service options?

Yes. Our services can be tailored to meet any need and pre-existing setup.

Do you provide services under the E-Rate funding program for schools?

Yes, we have provided E-rate services to schools for the past 15 years. We have a unit that specializes in schools!

Do you have experience servicing special needs schools?

We certainly do! Three of our oldest school clients serve youngsters on the autism disorder spectrum.

Do you deal with Interactive Teaching Technologies?

Absolutely! MetComm is also a Promethean Partner and a certified installer of Interactive Whiteboards and the entire Promethean line of products.

What is the best technology for us?

If you let us perform an on-site professional evaluation survey and needs assessment, we will be able to answer this question. There is no charge for this survey.

How do you guarantee the quality of service?

There is a built-in surety in a flat rate per month – it makes us work harder, ensuring your peace of mind.

How can I find more about MetComm and its commitment to service?

Call our clients and former clients OR check here to see what clients say about us OR Let us perform a site visit OR how about a day’s work at your site for $1.00 only; you pick the work.

Had we called you for help with a failing service provided by another vendor, what would you say?

We are on our way! :-)

What is your response time for technical support?

Remote support is provided in real time or within minutes of a call for help being received. Onsite support is provided, in most cases, in 4 hours or within the same day. In an IT emergency we drop regular assignments or send managers to work as technicians.

Will you repair our desktops and laptops?


Will you service our existing IT infrastructure?

If it is sound and capable of providing the level of service you are expecting, yes.

Would you handle professional channels with our own software and internet access vendors?


Will you guarantee that there will be no down time at the start of service?


If terminated, will you guarantee cooperation with our future vendors for a successful transition?


If we agree to your flat rate contract will you charge us any hourly fees on top of that?


How long can we count on the flat rate to last?

We only have a minimum term of 6 months; there is no maximum.

Will you provide rents for new equipment?


What will your rents cover?

Our server rentals guarantee you “always have the right equipment” serving you. You can also rent networking equipment and IP phones. We offer lease to own options as well.

How long are your rent terms?

Usually 36 months however, they can be tailored to meet your needs.

Have more questions?

We’re happy to help! Click here to contact us.

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