We Will Help You Solve Any and All IT Issues While Staying Safe and Secure!


Installation, integration, support, and maintenance of everything connected to your network forges an ongoing bond.
You can obtain all your telecommunications and access needs through a company with experience in dealing with carrier last-minute withdrawals, price and fact changes.
No unexpected “construction” costs! No pressure in signing up from the carrier.
More suitable services become available in your area? – we will adjust your order accordingly!


“Shared” Internet Service vs. “Dedicated” Internet Service:
FIOS is relatively inexpensive and usually fast so why consider anything else? The answer is in the following three letters “S L A” or Service Level Agreement.
The SLA is a statement made by a carrier committing to the level of service the carrier intends to provide.
It represents the value added by MetComm to the standard services provided by carriers.
Service commitments for FIOS/Cable vs. an SLA for Dedicated Fiber are compared in this table.


With the rise of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) – we offer you a a highly secure and reliable WiFi network to which you can connect from any Web-enabled device.

MetComm personalized service includes:

  • Mobile communications: Wi-Fi & cellular.
  • Single association with mobile devices.
  • Radios centrally managed to prevent AP competition over bandwidth.
  • Re-associations minimized by grouping 12 & 24 radios.
  • Coverage & bandwidth increased by higher density.
  • Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n compatible.

ComCierge: Maximizing the value of your Telecommunications Dollars

  • Free Telecommunication Audit.
  • Position services at the lowest cost.
  • Price at par with direct purchases from carriers.
  • Free planning and guidance.
  • Interpret the facts necessary for clients to make the right decision.
  • Decision support during the consideration process.
  • Accurate & cost-effective service delivery.
  • Integration of services with network.
  • Carrier relationship oversight through contract term.
  • Problem resolution through contract term.
  • No-penalty carrier swaps.
  • Assurance of “As-expected” service performance per contract terms.
  • Refunds and service cancellations.
  • Augmented, smooth transition from Key / PBX Phone Systems to VoIP.
  • Intervention with carriers, making sure clients only pay for services needed.
  • Assist clients with service cancelations.


Want the latest phone Features without having to replace your legacy phone system?

Keep using your working legacy system and enhance it with VoIP features for a reasonable monthly fee per extension.* 
You won’t have to adjust to a new system while getting:
Support for your legacy system (until it can no longer be maintained).
• Existing legacy system operational costs, covered by MetComm.Net.
Free system enhancement with VoIP features, including user training.
Free, unlimited domestic calling.
• Add VoIP extensions to your legacy system for the same monthly fee per line.
When your legacy system can’t be fixed, MetComm.Net will switch you to 100% VoIP in a few days.**

* Must have at least 20 covered phone extensions.
** New VoIP wiring for only $5 per extension, including labor, materials, maintenance and repair.

MetComm PBX Features:

  • Announcements.
  • Auto-dialer: send a pre-recorded message to multiple devices.
  • Call forwarding.
  • Call recording: pre-determined rules or during the call. 
  • Conference call “rooms”.
  • Fax-to-mail.
  • Private conferencing.
  • Voicemail-to-mail.
It’s easy to manage, flexible, portable and secure.

Crestron Control Systems

MetComm Installs, maintains, monitors and supports Crestron products

Crestron provides very high and smart room solutions – anything with IP can be integrated into Crestron and controlled from a single panel

Our Team at the Crestron Technical Institute became “Crestron Audio Visual Specialists” 🤗 >

How Do You Keep Your Data Safe Online?

We offer you solutions that handle every aspect of your security needs.

Many organizations coming into our care have their most critical data scattered across numerous user devices; desktops, laptops and other mobile user devices, potentially exposing the organization to debilitating data losses.

Users who back up data stored on their PCs on USB drives are usually not aware that those USB devices are produced for the convenience of moving data around, and not as a true and safe data-backup solution.

We are committed to the safety of your data!

• Moving organizational data from workstations to shares on a central server, decreasing the chance of losing data to user error.

• Activating user file recovery for files and folders to the latest revisions quickly.
• Setting up offsite data replication for disaster recovery.

Once we have made sure data is secure from loss by deletion and Ransomware, we proceed to secure it from theft and other abuse by:

• Securing the network from outside and inside threats.
• Setting up data-access rules that meet the organization’s policies.
• Securing the physical perimeter.
• Setting up stand-by access to the organization’s network to allow us to circumvent the active firewall when we cannot connect to the system.

Affordable IT Infrastructure

You need your data always available and accessible. Is it?
  • Storage & Backup: cloud based, remote or onsite.
  • Domain & User Management.
  • Power Conditioning.
  • Microsoft & Other Updates Management.
  • Hosted Domain-Registration, Domain, Website, & Mail.
  • Exchange, IMAP or POP3 Mail.
  • Mail Quality Conditioning: Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam & Content Control.
  • Access Management: Local, Remote, Wireless, & Redundant.
  • Virtualization: multiple operating systems and multiple applications run on the same server: increase redundancy, improve disaster recovery, reduce data center footprint, save energy, etc.

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