Go Back to School in a Hybrid World

Hybrid Classroom & Home Teaching Studio (HTS)

The face of education has changed. We believe this change is permanent and we have been focusing on helping schools adapt by enabling effective teaching of homebound students. Conceptualized, created, and tested, we believe that the proposed methodology, including hardware, will be the standard for teaching going forward. We know you are worried about “how long will any investment in Hybrid Teaching be useful”? Find below why the investment in Hybrid Teaching may remain useful in the long term.

What is HTS & why it is important?

  • An “enabling” solution designed to integrate into existing teaching environments as may be determined by a school. 
  • Our solution does not require purchasing an Interactive Panel.
  • Driven by the school’s goals and what is already in the classroom.
  • In-classroom and at-home teaching environments are addressed.
  • Our hybrid studio focuses on the remote student experience; striving to deliver as much of what they are used to in the pre-Corona classroom.
  • When an Interactive Panel exists, the more advanced the panel, the better remote student’s experience will be.

The need for Hybrid Teaching existed for many years. Driven by a desire to include homebound students, not able to take part in normal classroom work, for myriad reasons (way before COVID), the solutions never took off because the supporting technologies – such as PVBX- were too expensive for most schools and earning more money was not a strong enough outcome to get school to invest in such technologies without government funding, curtailed in 2010.

When COVID is over, the playing field would be changed for good. The old need will grow, schools will find ways to profit from servicing homebound students, schools will also find ways to reduce costs by employing homebound teachers, more parents will prefer their kids to study from home, the need for isolation may remain for us for a long time to come, and finally teachers may prefer to teach from home while raising little children.

We believe that schools will never be the same when COVID is declared “over”, and the experiences gained from the COVID lock down will push all concerned to advance the mind set of “remote everything” to become more efficient, cut costs, while being able to deliver sustainable education.

NOTE: HTS is not a magic wand and not an effort to make schools buy equipment they do not need and cannot afford. The HTS enhances what exists only with what is necessary to provide an effective learning environment to remote students.

NOTE! Every Thursday at 3:30PM EST:

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Required Classroom Hardware Mix:
  • Ceiling-mounted zoomable HD webcam.  
  • Noise canceling microphone; stand-alone or built into the camera.
    See other microphone options below ...
  • Business class PCs, Laptops or Chromebooks.
Optional Classroom Hardware Mix:
  • Interactive White Panel (IWP), if one exists. 
  • Audibility improving, pendant microphone and a special speaker to overcome the teacher’s voice audibility gap when wearing a protective mask and/or teaching behind a screen. or …
  • Bluetooth, audibility improving pendant microphone, connected via the teacher’s PC. 
  • Individual wireless microphones and speaker system for students, for improving student’s voice audibility when wearing protective masks.
Teaching-Ready Home Studio - Required Hardware:
  • Business Class PC, Laptop or Chromebook.
  • Zoomable webcam on a tripod.
  • Noise canceling microphone built into the camera.
    or …
  • Bluetooth pendant, audibility improving microphone, connected via the teacher’s PC.
Teaching-Ready Home Studio - Recommended Hardware & Services:
  • Black/white board.
  • Document camera.
  • Digitized tablet for hand notes.
  • Home internet connection 400/400 Mbps or better.
  • Technical support.

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