Go Back to School in a Hybrid World

Hybrid Classroom & Home Teaching Studio (HCTS)

The face of education has changed. At MetComm we are focusing on enabling an advanced audiovisual platform – the new standard for teaching – fostering remote student engagement. How long will the investment in the “new” platform be good for? Find answers below.

What is HTS & why it is important?

An “enabling” solution custom designed to integrate into any existing classroom. Purchasing an Interactive Panel is not required, but if one exists; the more advanced the panel, the better the remote student’s experience will be.

School’s goals and what’s already in the classroom drive our solutions. We are focused on the remote student experience and strive to deliver an experience similar to the pre-Corona classroom.

When COVID is over, schools could profit from servicing homebound students anywhere, reducing costs by employing homebound teachers, teaching multiple classrooms by the same teacher, and providing choices to parents concerned about in-school studying. Medically-driven isolation may continue for a while, requiring school to be attentive to teachers who elect teaching from home; for medical reasons or while raising small children. Equally, parents who live with their parents, want their kids to study from home to reduce the risk to their aging parents.

NOTE: HTS is not a magic wand and not an effort to make schools buy equipment they do not need and cannot afford. The HTS enhances what exists only with what is necessary to provide an effective learning environment to remote students.

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Minimal Required Classroom Hardware Mix:
  • Wall-mounted zoomable HD webcam.  
  • Bluetooth, audibility-improving pendant microphone.
  • Business class PC, Laptop or Chromebook.
Optional Classroom Hardware Mix:
  • Interactive Panel (IP). 
  • Microphone & speaker set, enhancing the teacher’s voice quality when wearing a protective mask and/or teaching behind a screen.

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