For Your Guests You Want the Best!

the new generation of PBX:

Smart. modern. No more upgrades!

Personalize your guest’s experiences

Reminder call, text, email to the guest’s mobile phone.

Bucket routing

Automatically route call sessions across long-haul call paths and bypass the ever changing call rates.

Voice Mail

Configuration/IVR/Caller ID, Company Directory Feature Services.

Everything is included with the BrainBox™!

Call flow control

Inbound redundancy. Failover capabilities. Diagnose problems in real-time.

Call accounting

Captures, records, and costs telephone usage events.

Call Plans

Unlimited incoming calls. Domestic and international calls.

Designed for hospitality: robust Wi-Fi system!​

BrainBox™ will augment your phone system with an infinitely scalable solution that always contains the latest and the greatest for hospitality.

Don’t ask what it can do – tell us what you want done!​

You save from having a single company supply all your technology needs.
You save by having a constant monthly price rather than constantly changing costs based on what services are provided and the costs of maintaining and replacing hardware.

All your hotel's IT Needs Are Managed By MetComm.Net​

We cover all your IT needs and offers proactive maintenance and monitoring of vital hospitality technologies including: *24/7 monitoring and response.
*Back up of essential services and data.
*Managed Internet and PRI.
*Free wireless surveys.
*Wireless remediation.
*IT Help Desk.
By overlaying a BrainBox™ with VoIP features on your legacy phone system, you:
Reduce OPEX.
Eliminate CAPEX-intensive upgrades.
Meet your financial goals in challenging and good times with Monthly billing of IT as a service.

What's the Benefit for your Hotel

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