For Your Guests You Want the Best!

the new generation of PBX:

Smart. modern. No more upgrades!

Personalize your guest’s experiences

Recorded wake up calls, Reminder calls, text/e-mail to mobile phone.

Bucket routing

Route calls first to “buckets” of minutes already paid for under your PRI contracts. Once exhausted, route calls through the least expensive outbound route.

Voice Mail

Standard and voicemail to e-mail options.

BrainBox™ is a smart VoIP system built to revolutionize hospitality, transportation and healthcare telecommunications. Its unrivaled intelligence makes it easier to lower costs, diagnose problems and scale to any size.

Call accounting

Capture, record, compile and provide statistics on telephone usage events.

Call Plans

Unlimited incoming calls. Low cost domestic and international calls.

Call flow control

Inbound/outbound redundancy. Failover. Real-time problem diagnostics.

Robust and smart hospitality specific VoIP:

Augment your existing phone system with an infinitely scalable solution (BrainBox™), always delivering the latest hospitality features.

All Your Hotel's IT Needs Managed by a Single Vendor - MetComm.Net

Proactive maintenance of vital hospitality technologies including:

Robust Wi-Fi, designed for hospitality; Proactive, Preventive Maintenance; 24/7 Monitoring of vital hospitality IT systems; Backup of essential services and data; Managed Telecommunications including, Internet and PRI.

Other benefits covered by our hospitality platform:
Air Magnet wireless surveys; Wireless remediation; IT Help Desk to back of house; Low OPEX based implementations; No CAPEX-intensive upgrades; Retainer & Occupancy based billing.

Don’t ask what it can do – tell us what you want done!​

Choose our retainer-based services over, by-the-hour services, addressing only what you say is broken while not bothering with preventive maintenance unless asked to do so and then – watch for more hourly billing!

What's the Benefit for your Hotel

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