Get Ready for E-Rate Funding Year 2020!

Are You Successfully Maximizing E-Rate?

E-Rate Requires too much work?

The E-Rate program is a year-round effort; let us guide you through the E-Rate process! Invite us for a site survey at your School/District to document every aspect of the school’s IT needs. Schools have trusted us with maximizing their E-Rate funding since E-Rate was founded in 1997.

MetComm provides ALL E-Rate eligible services, including:

Category One: Data Transmission Services and Internet Access, Voice Services.
Category Two: Internal Connections, Managed Internal Broadband Services, Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections.

Let's start our communicating about E-Rate

For our exceptional "MetCility" program, which offers LAN, WAN, Telco, Voice Support, WIFI Solutions, High Capacity Broadband and Maintenance - at a Flat, Equitable Monthly Fee.

Let's start our communicating about E-Rate

Consider MetComm.Net as your E-Rate service provider for Category 1 or/and 2. Choose an experienced vendor with personnel qualifications, technical skills, who will assume responsibility for ALL your technical services.

E-Rate updates

  • The E-Rate FY2019 application filing window closed on March 27, 2019
  • USAC Tip: take the time now to organize and file all documents related to your application in a manner that will allow you to easily locate and retrieve them for any future needs.

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