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Funding Year 2020!

January, 2020: Significant changes to the E-Rate rules for Category Two (2) funding. Learn more

Are You Successfully Maximizing E-Rate?

E-Rate Requires too much work?

The E-Rate program is a year-round effort; let us guide you through the E-Rate process! Invite us for a site survey at your School/District to document every aspect of the school’s IT needs. Schools have trusted us with maximizing their E-Rate funding since E-Rate was founded in 1997.

MetComm provides ALL E-Rate eligible services:

Category One: Data Transmission Services and/or Internet Access.
Category Two: Internal Connections, Managed Internal Broadband Services, Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections.

What are your expectation from your vendor?

If Reliable, Dedicated & Accepting Full Ownership of your IT situation is what you have in mind, at MetComm we also guarantee that your transition into our care will be smooth and undisruptive.

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Contact us to receive answers to frequently asked questions: 

  • Will E-Rate take much of my time?
  • How early must I file E-Rate Form 470?
  • How do I maximize benefits?
  • What if I am denied funding?
  • Will my school have to spend any money?
The E-Rate 471 Window is closed

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