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The E-Rate program is a year-round effort; let us guide you through the E-Rate process! Invite us for a site survey at your School/District to document every aspect of the school’s IT needs.
Schools have trusted us with maximizing their E-Rate funding since E-Rate was founded in 1997.

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Applying for E-Rate Funding can become a complicated process, but the reward is significant as the US E-Rate program provides up to 90% of the funding!
MetComm is maximizing cost effectiveness and simplifying the process for you.
(Note: We do not provide consulting services)

Confused with all the E-Rate Forms?

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Read the Filing FCC Form 470 Guide

MetComm provides ALL E-rate eligible services, including:

Category One: Data Transmission Services and Internet Access, Voice Services
Category Two: Internal Connections, Managed Internal Broadband Services, Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections

Click here to download the of Eligible Services for 2018.

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