August 26, 2020

Domain-Email Vs. Generic-Email

Recently, two targeted email scams hit school clients. The scammers made school staff members act on e-mail messages, thinking they came from the principal. The scammers took advantage of a common e-mail related security weakness: The use of generic email such as: [email protected], [email protected],  instead of e-mail accounts based on the organization’s domain name, like: [email protected]

The benefits of using [email protected] emails, go beyond malware hacks:

  1. Prevent phishing and ransomware scams.
  2. Prevent losing enrolling students to other schools.
  3. People will appreciate your level of security.
  4. Access to sensitive & private data can be secured before an employee is let go.
  5. Continuation of office communications can be effected easily when an employee leaves and a new one takes over.
  6. With generic emails, if an account is suspended, blocked, or hacked, it could take a long time to regain access to the account.
  7. Digital Domain emails are centrally managed, they can be set up with specific user permissions or restrictions – and even remotely wiped out at will from one or all user devices when the user loses a device, is dismissed, or leaves the organization’s employ.
  8. If an employee breaches the trust, the e-mail account is one source of getting to the bottom of the breach; impossible to do with generic emails.

Ban the use of generic e-mail and choose domain e-mail, to protect the safety & security of your organization and stop email scams!

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From desktops and laptops, to roaming computers, mobile phones, to android TV and interactive whiteboards: Radix VISO MDM is your solution!

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Remote control, manage, maintain, collect insights, receive alerts, configure, track and lock and lock any of the devices – through a single interface, making sure they are ready and optimized for their mission.

  • Repair and upkeep of eligible hardware.
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  • Configuration changes.
  • Basic technical support including online and telephone-based technical support.
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Eligible expenses include the management and operation of the LAN/WLAN, including installation, activation, and initial configuration of eligible components and on-site training on the use of eligible equipment.

Eligible products necessary to transport information to classrooms or publicly accessible areas of a library, such as access points, routers, switches, firewall, racks, caching, hubs, and wiring.

Eligible products necessary to transport information to classrooms or publicly accessible areas of a library, such as access points, routers, switches, firewall, racks, caching, hubs, and wiring.

Monitor what’s going on in your office or school’s premise with a Video Surveillance System!

MetComm’s Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) is composed of a system of wireless cameras with exceptional image clarity, monitors/display units, and recorders. 

Identify abnormal events or behavior and protect your working environment.

We install, deploy and maintain the system based, as always, on a site-survey to determine your requirements and tailor the solution to your needs & budget.

“Pay or Pray” say the attackers who “plant” a malware that encrypts your files or stops you from using your computer until you pay them a ransom.

We say: Don’t pay and you won’t need to pray!

Deploy MetComm’s “Ransomware Immunity”:

  • Identify weak links and strengthen them.
  • Enforce effective security policies and training.
  • Institute a well-configured firewall and other defenses.
  • Provide offsite backup of your critical business data.

Your organization’s most critical data is scattered everywhere! How do you keep your data safe?

We handle every aspect of protecting your data:

  • Moving organizational data from workstations to a central server.
  • Activating user file recovery for files and folders to the latest revisions quickly.
  • Setting up offsite data replication for disaster recovery.
  • Securing the network from outside and inside threats.
  • Setting up data-access rules.
  • Securing the physical perimeter.

October 8, 2021: President Biden signs K-12 cybersecurity act into law.

This law initiates a review of K-12 cybersecurity risks and will give resources to school districts to help them protect themselves against cyberattacks.

Vulnerability to cyber-attacks can destroy IT systems. What will you do if there’s unplanned disruption in service?

In these trying times a well-thought out, cogent, Business Continuity Plan will give you and your organization peace of mind.  Whether it’s on-site or remote or Hybrid – ensuring you service continuity is within our DNA.

Our clients have NEVER lost a single piece of data on our watch because we offer:

  1. Online/offline Backup
  2. System Monitoring
  3. Security and Threats Management
  4. Disaster Recovery Strategy and Incident Response

Fast, reliable, and affordable – that’s how you want your internet services! No unexpected “construction” costs! No pressure in signing up from the carrier. Have more suitable services become available in your area? – we will adjust your order accordingly!

Ensure a powerful connection to meet the new cyber demands with MetComm’s Dedicated Fiber – with our Service Level Agreement (SLA), we are committed to the level of service the carrier intends to provide.

Guaranteed Bandwidth – dedicated & fully scalable, bandwidth meeting your consumption pattern, uptime guarantee min. 99.9999%, ideal for campus to campus service, supports Voice over IP (VoIP), suitable for audiovisual broadcast.

Build a highly secure and reliable wireless networking technology.

  • Mobile communications: Wi-Fi & cellular.
  • Single association with mobile devices.
  • Radios centrally managed to prevent AP competition over bandwidth.
  • Re-associations minimized by grouping 12 & 24 radios.
  • Coverage & bandwidth increased by higher density.
  • Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n compatible.

Enjoy the continuity of services and peace of mind by having a single provider that can ensure the efficient, secure and seamless integrated functioning of these systems and more!

1.  Hard-wired and Wireless Networks
2. Managed Backend – Users
3. Data Access and Data Security
4. Managed Cloud Services
5. Voice and VoIP Telephony Services
6. Security Systems

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