Can your students hear you?

Covid-19 - Challenges

The use of protective masks and increasing social distance - create barriers for students to clearly hear and understand their teachers.

Classroom Audio Distribution System (CADS)

The purpose of a classroom audio distribution system (CADS) is to evenly distribute spoken communications and curricular content throughout the learning space or classroom and to improve the overall signal to noise ratio, providing the learners with enhanced speech recognition.

In its simplest form the system comprises a pendant-style microphone and a whole room speaker system, improving speech lucidity. You can add the ability to divide a class to study groups at will (4-12) with “Group Audio Pods” managed by pendant mics and the “Activate” mobile app.

Students can share their ideas clearly, hear and understand instructions, hence be more engaged and successful. Teachers can listen in or converse with individual groups, gaining insights into student progress.

You can also capture, record and share video synced with high quality audio of the teachers’ mics and group audio pods as evidence of learning, teacher coaching or sharing instructional techniques.

CADS Summery:

- Reduces vocal strain and fatigue of the teacher.
- Reduces auditory fatigue and improves attention of the learner.
- Reduces classroom stress and behavior problems.
- Improves classroom participation, interaction, and learning.

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