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MetComm.Net, celebrating over 25 years of trust with our clients, is valued for professionally implementing & managing complex wired and wireless networks, IT infrastructures, managed broadband, and VoIP – all provided with care and integrity.

MetComm’s umbrella of services include: hybrid teaching, critical data recovery, at-rest data encryption, asset management, phone privacy solutions, and public address systems.

MetComm’s proven track record in cyber security solutions and remote accessibility assures everyone on your employee platform safe, secure, efficient connectivity – meeting budget, technology and time table constraints.

We have a lot to say, but our Tony explains it better 🙂

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Jeff Utz
Jeff Utz
A very competent, hospitable, and professional crew showed up right on time to install 6 Promethean ActivePanels. The workmanship was excellent, and the installers even took the time to show some of our teachers several of the cool features. These guy will be doing our future A/V and Tech installations!
Mrs. M.J. Radonic
Mrs. M.J. Radonic
We purchased Interactive Promethean boards through MetComm and we also had them installed by MetComm. We could not be happier with the service that we received. Tony, our Account Manager was great. He handled everything in a timely manner and he is so personable. Once the boards arrived we were able to set up the installation date that worked for us. The installation team was top notch. They were fast, the boards look great, and they made sure everything was in working order before they left.
Cristina Moreira
Cristina Moreira
MetComm is pheonomenal. Their team is always respectful, responsive, and flexible. Our school greatly benefits from their remote assisstance and when technicans are sent onsite.
Farhan Ali
Farhan Ali
Metcomm has been our IT support provider for over 20 years. They are a responsive team with a deep bench of support from desktop to systems (both in cloud and on premises) and are available on a timely basis. We have worked with them in many different configurations and they either had in-house knowledge on how to handle the challenges or were able to research solutions for us through their many partnerships. We have recommended this company to several firms when we were asked for an IT reference which know also includes phone systems. As technology has become more integrated Metcomm’s capabilities have increased.
James Spring
James Spring
As an IT administrator of multiple school buildings, finding a good IT company to work with is priority number one for me. We have been using MetComm at our schools for years now and I couldn't be happier with this company. They have always bent over backwards to help our school in any way they can. They are always ready and available to answer any questions or find solutions to our IT problems. The MetComm staff is outstanding and great to work with. I'd say yes there may be other companies "like" MetComm out there, but I'd argue that no other company around offers the same level of support, professionalism and friendliness that MetComm brings to the table. Hope to continue our relationship with MetComm for a long time to come!
Robert Young Jr
Robert Young Jr
Tony Pupello did a great job taking my request and ensuring the work was completed in a timely fashion. The techs were very professional. It has been a pleasure working with MetComm.
Lawrence Grimmer
Lawrence Grimmer
MetComm provided detailed information about the product and walked us through the process of ordering, paying, delivering, and installing. Not being high tech people, we were intimidated to make such a large tech purchase, but Tony and the MetComm team made it easy. Would definitely do business with them again!
Shirley Dreifus
Shirley Dreifus
Great service. Never lost patience with my IT problems and got me back to work quickly. Happy with the website they created for me. Good team and they work together to solve everything, including which software or hardware is right for you and your business. After almost twenty years, they've been there with Strategic through many office transitions, including our current WFH situation. Hopefully we'll all be back in an office again one day with their help setting us up.

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What Makes us different

Your contract with them is Obliging

With MetComm: No strings attached!

They let you deal with multiple vendors

With MetComm: We handle ALL your IT needs!

You never know if your data is backed up

With MetComm: LIVE backups 24/7!

Solly, MetComm's CEO

Meet our passionate CEO

  • In my teens: Lifetime warranties on fixed apparatuses.
  • In my twenties: 100% system uptime.
  • In my thirties: Managers took my work for granted.
  • In my forties: Clients knew I’d never fail them.
  • In my fifties: Life experience devoted to creating a World-Class Service Concept based on Old-World Values.
  • In my sixties – MetComm.Net!
    And I have the best team of engineers, technicians and admin staff helping me!

Solly Avi-No’am

Driving you to Success

We know that trust is something you gain when you get to know the people, so...


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  • Repair and upkeep of eligible hardware.
  • Wire and cable maintenance.
  • Configuration changes.
  • Basic technical support including online and telephone-based technical support.
  • Software upgrades and patches including bug fixes and security patches.
Hybrid Classroom Platform (HCP), the innovative solution that seamlessly combines the best of online and in-person learning.

Services provided for the operation, management, and monitoring of eligible broadband internal connections are eligible managed internal broadband services (e.g., managed Wi-Fi).

Eligible expenses include the management and operation of the LAN/WLAN, including installation, activation, and initial configuration of eligible components and on-site training on the use of eligible equipment.

Eligible products necessary to transport information to classrooms or publicly accessible areas of a library, such as access points, routers, switches, firewall, racks, caching, hubs, and wiring.

Server Room is managed by a trusted IT vendor - MetComm!

Eligible products necessary to transport information to classrooms or publicly accessible areas of a library, such as access points, routers, switches, firewall, racks, caching, hubs, and wiring.

Fast Fiber Fios Networking

Monitor what’s going on in your office or school’s premise with a Video Surveillance System!

MetComm’s Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) is composed of a system of wireless cameras with exceptional image clarity, monitors/display units, and recorders. 

Identify abnormal events or behavior and protect your working environment.

We install, deploy and maintain the system based, as always, on a site-survey to determine your requirements and tailor the solution to your needs & budget.

Ransomware is a destructive form of malicious software (malware) that encrypts a victim’s files. The attackers then demand a ransom payment from the victim to restore access to the encrypted files, hence the name “ransomware.” It is typically spread through phishing emails, exploit kits, or by tricking the victim into downloading the malware.

A ransomware attack can be a devastating blow to your organization, causing hours of lost productivity and costly security measures.

Don’t let cyber-criminals hold your data hostage!

Deploy MetComm’s “Ransomware Immunity”:

  • Identify weak links and strengthen them.
  • Enforce effective security policies and training.
  • Institute a well-configured firewall and other defenses.
  • Provide offsite backup of your critical business data.

Is your organization’s critical data spread out in multiple places?

We have the expertise and experience – necessary to ensure all your data remains secure, no matter where it resides. Our comprehensive security protocols to protect your data cover everything:

  • Moving organizational data from workstations to a central server.
  • Activating user file recovery for files and folders to the latest revisions quickly.
  • Setting up offsite data replication for disaster recovery.
  • Securing the network from outside and inside threats.
  • Setting up data-access rules.
  • Securing the physical perimeter.
Security as a Service

In today’s era of cyber threats, the risk of IT systems disruption is real. That’s why our Business Continuity Plan offers reliable peace of mind so that unplanned disruption doesn’t lead to total system failure.

Whether it’s on-site or remote or Hybrid – ensuring you service continuity is within our DNA.

Our clients have NEVER lost a single piece of data on our watch because we offer:

  1. Online/offline Backup
  2. System Monitoring
  3. Security and Threats Management
  4. Disaster Recovery Strategy and Incident Response

Fast, reliable, and affordable – that’s how you want your internet services! No unexpected “construction” costs! No pressure in signing up from the carrier. Have more suitable services become available in your area? – we will adjust your order accordingly!

Ensure a powerful connection to meet the new cyber demands with MetComm’s Dedicated Fiber – with our Service Level Agreement (SLA), we are committed to the level of service the carrier intends to provide.

Guaranteed Bandwidth – dedicated & fully scalable, bandwidth meeting your consumption pattern, uptime guarantee min. 99.9999%, ideal for campus to campus service, supports Voice over IP (VoIP), suitable for audiovisual broadcast.

Build a highly secure and reliable wireless networking technology.

  • Mobile communications: Wi-Fi & cellular.
  • Single association with mobile devices.
  • Radios centrally managed to prevent AP competition over bandwidth.
  • Re-associations minimized by grouping 12 & 24 radios.
  • Coverage & bandwidth increased by higher density.
  • Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n compatible.
Get the Most Out of Learning at Home with metcomm's Innovative Hybrid Solutions

Trust one provider for all your IT needs! From the simplest technical query to comprehensive system requirements, our team of experts offers end-to-end coverage – no more juggling multiple providers!

Ensure the efficient, secure and seamless integrated functioning of these systems and more:

  1. Hard-wired and Wireless Networks.
  2. Managed Backend – Users.
  3. Data Access and Data Security.
  4. Managed Cloud Services.
  5. Voice and VoIP Telephony Services.
  6. Security Systems.
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