Ransomware Protection

Ransomware attacks are on the rise says the FBI and, when successful, people in hospitals could die, money is lost, and organizations shut down for good. If you or your insurance pays the ransom, you are encouraging criminality, you lose more money, and you may never get your data back. Insurance can only give you money to recover – if at all possible without the data being recovered. Insurance cannot guarantee successful recovery from a Ransomware attack!

Who can? Professionals like MetComm.Net with the expertise to provide a protection umbrella designed for your network. We recommend that Instead of ensuring recovery with doubtful results, spend your money on proper protection.

Locking organizations out of their critical business data to collect ransom, is very profitable and hard to stop. How can you protect yourself? The strategies are simple and cost effective: A thorough review of the network, the right security policies and training, well configured firewalls, and offsite backup of critical business data; will accomplish this effectively, inexpensively, and completely.

If attacked, your critical business data will be safe with us and can be restored quickly, no ransom needed! You can save on insurance or ransom and pay much less for protecting your critical data!

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