Domain-email Vs. Generic-email

Recently, two targeted email scams hit school clients. The scammers made school staff members act on e-mail messages, thinking they came from the principal. The scammers took advantage of a common e-mail related security weakness: The use of generic email such as: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], instead of e-mail accounts based on the organization’s domain name, like: [email protected]

The benefits of using [email protected] emails, go beyond malware hacks:

  1. Prevent phishing and ransomware scams.
  2. Prevent losing enrolling students to other schools.
  3. People will appreciate your level of security.
  4. Access to sensitive & private data can be secured before an employee is let go.
  5. Continuation of office communications can be effected easily when an employee leaves and a new one takes over.
  6. With generic emails, if an account is suspended, blocked, or hacked, it could take a long time to regain access to the account.
  7. Digital Domain emails are centrally managed, they can be set up with specific user permissions or restrictions – and even remotely wiped out at will from one or all user devices when the user loses a device, is dismissed, or leaves the organization’s employ.
  8. If an employee breaches the trust, the e-mail account is one source of getting to the bottom of the breach; impossible to do with generic emails.

Ban the use of generic e-mail and choose domain e-mail, to protect the safety & security of your organization and stop email scams!

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