Teachers: can your students hear you?

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, advises that classroom noise negatively affects students’ attention, concentration, behavior and even their reading & spelling achievements, impeding academic success. 

By equipping your classrooms with a Full-Range Audio Distribution System, ensuring that every student clearly hears the evenly distributed, highly intelligible sound of speech, you ensure the academic success of your students.

In its simplest form the system comprises a pendant-style microphone and a whole room speaker system, improving speech lucidity. You can add the ability to divide a class to study groups at will (4-12) with “Group Audio Pods” managed by pendant mics and the “Activate” mobile app. Students can now share their ideas clearly, hear & understand instructions, hence be more engaged and successful. Teachers can listen in or converse with individual groups, gaining insights into student progress.
You can also capture, record and share video synced with high quality audio of the teachers’ mics and group audio pods as evidence of learning, teacher coaching or sharing instructional techniques.

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